Workshop on finance, labour, and consumer heterogeneity in IAMs

On September 21-22, 2023, a two-day project meeting took place in Maastricht at the premises of the University of Maastricht (UM) to discuss aspects related to finance, labour, and consumer demand as well as to their integration in the DIAMOND ensemble of IAMs.

During the first day, colleagues from UM, led by Prof. Mark Sanders and Prof. Tania Treibich, had the opportunity to present their work so far, including the current status in each domain, as well as ideas for DIAMOND to go beyond the state-of-the-art. In particular, Prescott Morley (UM) discussed issues related to final demand in energy transitions and the heterogeneity and complexity as sources of frictions, Sasha Serebriakova (UM) took aim at the role of finance in the energy transition focusing on credit market frictions and imperfections, while Eoghan Michael O’Connell (UM) talked about labour in the energy transition delving into the impact of generation, switching, and mobility.

During the second day, it was the modelling teams’ opportunity to present their models and envisaged improvements on them in these directions, with Dr. Baptiste Boitier (SEURECO), Dr. Marc Vielle (EPFL), Dr. Constantinos Taliotis (CyI), Dr. Gabriele Cassetti (E4SMA), and Dr. Anastasios Giannousakis (ICCS-E3M) presenting NEMESIS, GEMINI-E3, CLEWs, OMNIA, and OPEN-PROM, respectively, and particularly focusing on synergies among these IAMs with the modules to be developed in the project for finance, labour, and consumer demand towards enhancing their capabilities.

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