OMNIA model kick-off meeting.

A full-day meeting for the OMNIA model—one of the six open integrated assessment models (IAMs) that DIAMOND will produce—already took place on March 3, 2023 (full day) in Turin, Italy, to kick-off the development of the model.

In particular, among the objectives of the DIAMOND project is to develop the Open-source MuNdus Integrated Assessment model (OMNIA), a customised, open-access global IAM largely drawing from the TIMES framework and the research expertise and capability of core development teams. The great ambition of OMNIA is to enable a broader community of practice, open to the entire modelling community: based on shared development and best-in-practice approaches to open modelling, OMNIA will assure clear results, accessible to all stakeholders and policymakers. The model will integrate several advancements to perform a detailed regional analysis. The regional representation will be expanded to the 28 IEA regions, with additional detail for Europe. OMNIA will rely on up-to-date technology datasets and include additional technologies for credible policy analysis. It will also incorporate a spatially explicit representation of key energy carrier trades, including bioenergy, and hydrogen, as well as commodities including captured CO2. The project will also enhance the model’s climate module to estimate global average temperature changes of scenarios and include abatement supply-cost curves for all major non-CO2 options, based on up-to-date assessments.



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