European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum – ECEMP 2023

The European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum – ECEMP 2023 was held virtually on the 5th-6th of October 2023. The annual ECEMP conference brings together Europe’s climate and energy modelling community over a two-day period in a forum for deep exchange of research and modelling practice and varied discussions. The event featured a balanced mix of high-level panel discussions and interactive workshop sessions to enable a peer-reviewed digest of models and policy insights for the transformation of the European energy system. The ECEMP 2023 conference constituted a platform for exchange among researchers and modelling teams from across Europe; from H2020 and Horizon Europe projects, representatives of the European Commission as well as partners from industry and civil society, with DIAMOND actively supporting this endeavour.

This year’s conference theme referred to “Net Zero, intermediate targets, and sectoral decarbonization facing geopolitical and macroeconomic challenges”, with Day I being dedicated to “Mid-term targets towards Net Zero and sectoral challenges”and Day II to “Macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges and the Net Zero transition”.

In particular, a DIAMOND representative chaired the following session:

  • “Dependency & Energy Security”; Chair: Dr. Georgios Xexakis (HOLISTIC),

while others from the consortium presented three studies acknowledging our project:

  • B. Boitier, et al. (2023). “A multi-model assessment of the EU’s path to net zero: aligning near-term action with long-term visions”.
  • N. Frilingou, et al. (2023). “A multi-model assessment of European strategies to eliminate Russian gas imports”.
  • M. Vielle and S. Perdana. (2023). “Mapping the transition: Industrial European regions at risk within the fit for 55”.

You may find the detailed program in the site of the conference here.

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