D3.1 Model development strategy

  • 2023

    D3.1 Model development strategy

    AUTHORS: Jon Samperdo

    Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) have historically been the dominant tools in climate policy assessment and the analysis of the implications of alternative global and/or regional scenarios. In DIAMOND, a coordinated effort will be undertaken to update, upgrade, expand, and integrate six different sector-wide IAMs. This deliverable first outlines generally perceived limitations of such models, and how interaction with stakeholders in the development process is important to improve the policy relevance of their outputs. To do so, an overview and a perceived model development plan within DIAMOND is provided for each model. This information has been gathered through a harmonised survey that was filled by all modelling teams and attached to this deliverable. The outputs of the survey show that all models plan to expand in both geographical and sectoral/technological coverage. Three out of six models (GCAM-Europe, CLEWs-EU, and OPEN-PROM) aim to represent the European Union (EU) by individual member states, while two other models (GEMINI-E3-EU and OMNIA) to make progress in the geographical detail in the EU as well. Three models (NEMESIS-World, OPEN-PROM, and OMNIA) are expanding coverage in the rest of the world. In terms of technological coverage, development strategies are also heterogenous, but with clear priorities for an improved representation of hydrogen technologies in all six models of the DIAMOND project as well as electricity storage technologies in four of the models. In terms of policy representation, a large part of newly developed representation will be focusing on trade policies, while all models will also be improved in terms of implementation of behavioural measures. 

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