D1.1 Quality Management Plan

  • 2023

    D1.1 Quality Management Plan

    AUTHORS: Konstantinos Koasidis

    The Quality Management Plan defines the quality policy and plan to be applied in the DIAMOND project. Its purpose is to establish the roles, procedures, metrics, and tools necessary to ensure that the DIAMOND project is implemented smoothly and that all project deliverables are of a high quality and of scientific value and that they are submitted to the EC services in time. Complying with the quality management procedures falls under the responsibility of the Project Coordinator, the Project Manager, the Quality Manager, the Work Package leaders, and the Task leaders. Effective channels of internal communication have been established since Month 1, enabling smooth exchange of all necessary information among project partners. A thorough quality procedure has been established: each project deliverable will be quality-reviewed by two to five internal reviewers (depending on the nature of the deliverable), before being revised accordingly and then reviewed and edited for a final time by an additional member of the management team from ICCS. This will ensure that the submitted deliverables adequately satisfy the quality criteria of clarity, completeness, accuracy, relevance, and technical compliance. Specific performance indicators have been set for which monitoring data will be collected regularly, aimed at fully informed reporting. Finally, a risk management plan has been put into place, consisting of the identification of the technical (research-oriented) and management (project implementation-related) risks.

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