D7.1 DIAMOND Visual Identity and Website

This report accompanies and documents the design, implementation, and deployment of the DIAMOND project visual identity and website.  

Apart from the project logo, the DIAMOND visual identity encompasses a flyer to create visibility for partner countries in all languages of the consortium; a leaflet for dissemination to stakeholders, in all languages of the consortium; a poster for physical/online events organized by partners or relevant organizations as promotional material; a roll-up for policy events; and a presentation with basic information on the project, to be used as a template and regularly updated/adapted to audience/event.  

The DIAMOND website can be found at the following address: https://climate-diamond.eu/. Designed based on the most recent practices and principles for web design, the DIAMOND website follows a modern, innovative, and user-friendly approach, presenting the project’s concept and objectives in detail, containing the relevant material, and notably featuring one dedicated section for news and events and one for the project’s key outputs: the six Integrated Assessment Models.  

The purpose of this document is to describe the visual identity and website of the DIAMOND project, which is part of Task 7.1, “Creating the DIAMOND visual identity & website”. Tools including information and communication means such as the logo, flyer, leaflet, poster, roll-up banner, and template project presentation are presented.  

The project’s website and visual identity will be constantly updated, allowing for engagement with the general public and for presenting project results, publications, news, events, and overall progress, expecting also the participation from partners as well as interactions with related projects and the broader scientific community, until the completion of the project.

  • 2023

    D7.1 DIAMOND Visual Identity and Website

    AUTHORS: Georgia Polytanou

    The DIAMOND website will serve, according to the DoA, as a constant node aiming to present information on the project and disseminate its results, as well as act as a reference site with material and links related to the models produced and used, the themes analysed, other research projects and initiatives of relevance, and news on climate action and science. The development of the website is essential to the effective promotion of the project concept, progress, activities, results, and stakeholder engagement. The project’s progress and outcomes will be published online. Furthermore, the visual identity of DIAMOND will convey the message of what the project is about and will communicate objectives, methods, and expected results to stakeholders. This report provides a description of the website’s design requirements and development process, its structure, as well as reference screenshots of its main sections. It also showcases how the website aims to serve as the hub of the DIAMOND project communication strategy by acting as a consolidated portal for all project-related information and by connecting to all publications and materials created in connection with the project. What is more, this report presents in detail the visual identity of the project. The visual identity and the materials presented on the website will be updated as project needs to evolve. 

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