Visual identity

Communication and exploitation lie at the core of the DIAMOND project, which seeks to involve stakeholders to elicit policy-relevant questions and specifications for model development, as well as research questions that shall drive the scenario process of validating the newly produced integrated assessment models (IAMs). Beyond the stakeholders involved in the project processes, a thorough communication, dissemination, and exploitation (CDE) strategy is established and implemented to reach a wider audience. In this regard, the DIAMOND visual identity was created to suit the project’s idea, comprising aspects and characteristics that match to its theme. The DIAMOND visual identity has been designed to support the concept of the project and includes elements and features that correspond to its topic. The diamond shape represents the project’s relation with the six IAMs, which altogether form the edges of the model-ecosystem diamond. Even, the colours of the logo have been chosen carefully. Blue is the most universally appealing colour on the spectrum because of its non-polarising traits. It is typically used in corporate logos as it is deemed to create a sense of security while showing professionalism. The colour is used by various businesses related to software, finance, technology, etc. Then, yellow shows optimism and enlightenment but also caution. Brands seeking to draw in consumers with a comforting, warm embrace and youthful energy always look towards yellow. The visual identity ensures a consistent, professional outreach towards the targeted audiences during the implementation of CDE activities. That is why it is important to create early a simple but distinctive and appealing visual identity that should convey the message on what the project is about. Logo and website aside, this includes a flyer (link) to create visibility for partner countries, in both English and in sixteen languages of the consortium; a leaflet on the project objectives, methods, and expected results (link), again in English and all languages of the consortium; a poster to use as promotional material in physical/online events organised by the consortium or by relevant organisations (link); a targeted roll-up banner for policy events (link); as well as a presentation with basic information on the project, as template to be regularly updated and adapted to the right audience (link).