CLEWs-EU model kick-off meeting

After our first such meeting on the OMNIA model in Turin, back in March, we held a two-day meeting on the ICCS-NTUA premises, on April 24-25, to kick off discussions on the development of the CLEWs-EU model, one of the six core IAMs that DIAMOND will update and expand.

In particular, the project aims to develop two versions of the CLEWs-EU model. First, a low-complexity, simple in design model will represent the EU as a single node, tailored to the needs of capacity development activities and serving as an engagement tool with a broad range of stakeholders. Second, a disaggregated model on the member-state level will enable a deep dive into extensive, frontier-stretching analyses foreseen within DIAMOND.

During the meeting, we agreed that both versions of the model will feature significant expansions from the state-of-the-art CLEWs models. Technology representation will be enhanced to diversify the options that can render net-zero emission pathways technically feasible (e.g., hydrogen energy chains). From a sectoral perspective, a materials production module will be introduced, while the mobility sector will be split into short- and long-term distance travel, enabling the assessment of potential lifestyle changes and modal shifts (e.g., a shift from privately-owned vehicles to public transport for short-distance travel). Finally, a more detailed temporal resolution will be adopted including at least 12 time-steps, to account for variability in renewable energy availability.

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