DIAMOND’s first General Assembly

The first general assembly of the DIAMOND research and innovation action was successfully held in Bilbao, Spain, on the 16th and 17th of May 2023, as a hybrid event. The meeting was kindly hosted by our partners over at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3).

The first day of the meeting featured reflection and discussions on the progress so far, allowing at the same time to extensively plan our next steps across all project components, with particular focus on stakeholder co-creation, model development and interlinkages, and early stages of scenario design.

On the second day, we narrowed our focus down onto next steps for developing the project’s six core integrated assessment models, before performing an extensive deep dive into model inter-linkages and integration aspects towards enhancing our technical capacity to study finance, labour, circularity performance, land use and land use change, climate change impacts, agent (and household) heterogeneity, representation of non-CO2 gases, and behavioural change. Critically, we also held a dedicated session on meeting with our Scientific Advisory Board members, who had the opportunity to be updated on the project scope and progress, introduce themselves, and provide early scientific and operational feedback.


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